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Common Pet Health Issues

Ardmore Veterinarians Can Help Your Pet

Pets are subject to many of the same health issues that people are. Every issue needs to be treated by a veterinarian on a case-to-case basis depending on the severity and re-occurrence of the issue. Whenever there is any doubt, it is always best to seek treatment from an animal hospital and make sure that the proper steps are taken for getting the veterinary assistance your pet may need. Ardmore Animal Hospital provides many pet care and veterinary services for pet patients from Ardmore and the surrounding cities, including Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Radnor. Ardmore Animal Hospital also commonly sees pet patients from the Gladwyne, Wynnewood, and Narbeth areas.

Prevalent Pet Health Issue: Obesity

One of the most common pet health issues is obesity. Unnecessary weight gain in pets happens frequently due to lack of exercise and from simply eating too much food. Pets should have their feeding times as well, not just when their dishes are empty.

A veterinary consultation with a veterinarian from Ardmore Animal Hospital can help you decide what diet plan is right for your pet and/or if specialty food might be needed to prevent further health problems. An easy way to start problem-solving for obesity is to take your dog outside for a walk regularly or engage your cat with new toys to keep him or her active and healthy.

Do Pets Have Allergies?

Yes, allergies are also common in pets. Pet allergies are often caused by the types of treats pets are given, the atmosphere pets are in, or (just like humans) during times when the weather is changing. Signs of allergies or other ailments would include vomiting, rashes, and change in behavior from your pet. When in doubt, it’s always best to pay a visit to an animal hospital for a pet check-up.

Good Dental Care Leads to Improved Overall Health

In addition to the more obvious wellness needs of your pet, it’s also important to keep the dental needs of your pet in mind. Without the proper attention to their oral health, infections can occur, creating further illness for your pet. The veterinary staff at Ardmore Animal Hospital can give instructions for at-home dental care to prevent such infections or gum diseases from occurring or in more extreme cases they can advise if dental surgery may be needed.

Ardmore Hospital Assistance for At-Home Pet Care

By becoming educated about common pet health issues, you increase your pet’s chances of making a full recovery when facing health issues at home. By taking heed of the sorts of remedies that can be performed at home, you will help maintain the health and comfort for your pet between regular veterinary check-ups. The benefits can only increase when a pet owner knows more about the proper care and nutrition that their pet should be receiving.

However, when serious pet health issues come up, our knowledgeable veterinarians at Ardmore Animal Hospital are prepared to answer any and all questions that you, as a pet owner, may have concerning your pet’s health and comfort levels.

Importance of Routine Veterinary Care

Regular check-ups by a veterinarian at our animal hospital can help ensure that everything is as it should be for the well-being of your pet and can be preventative for any future ailments that may occur. Of course if you think something may be wrong with your pet, please call an animal hospital ASAP.

We are happy to offer any assistance we can to local pet owners, so if you and your pet are from Ardmore or the surrounding areas, including Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Radnor, Gladwyne, Wynnewood, and Narbeth, do not hesitate to contact the animal hospital at 610-642-1160 with any questions or to bring your pet in to see a veterinarian! We will be able to advise you as to the severity of your pet’s condition over the phone and help you choose the best course of action.

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