Pain Management

Pain Management Offered at Ardmore Animal Hospital

The veterinarians and staff at the Ardmore Animal Hospital are dedicated pet lovers and compassionate healthcare providers for animal companions. The veterinary hospital commonly cares for pets and their owners from Ardmore as well as the surrounding cities of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Narbeth, Radnor, and Wynnewood. There are a wide variety of services available at the animal hospital including veterinary services, wellness exams, vaccinations, and surgical procedures. In addition to these standard veterinary hospital procedures, the veterinarians and staff have a special interest in more specialty services, such as pet pain management.

What is pain management for pets? Pet pain management includes various procedures, medications, and rehabilitative exercises to relieve a pet’s suffering or pain. Ardmore Animal Hospital provides pain management for pets recovering from an injury, a surgical procedure or from an illness. Pain management is beneficial to the animal because it improves the recovery process and reduces pet stress. Pain management can also increase quality of life for an animal and may lengthen an animal’s life span.

We Help Pets by Managing Pet Pain and Educating Owners

Although animals cannot verbally tell owners if they are in pain, owners often notice changes in a pet’s behavior that can signal pain. The Ardmore Animal Hospital advises owners not to assume that these signs are normal for an aging pet. Chronic pain can be symptomatic of arthritis, cancer or even bone disease in pets. Arthritis is more common in dogs than it is in humans, affecting one out of five dogs.

Since many dog and cat owners attribute changes in behavior to a pet’s normal aging process, many animals suffering from painful arthritis are untreated. Several signs owners should look for are whining or constant meowing, unresponsiveness, listlessness, continuous licking of a certain body part, acting strangely, not sleeping or refusing to eat, requiring a lot of affection, and restlessness or the inability to get comfortable. The animal hospital recommends scheduling a visit for a pet that is suffering or exhibiting any of these signs.

Our veterinarians at Ardmore Animal Hospital concerned for pets that are suffering and will do a complete exam of the animal, which may include blood tests, X-rays or other lab tests. The veterinarian will make a diagnosis from the exam and lab results and prescribe a course of treatment. Pain medications, if necessary, for animals are offered in a variety of forms, including pill, liquid, skin patch and gel form. The veterinarians will advise the best medication for your pet, whether it be an analgesic (pain reducing), a steroid to reduce inflammation and minimize pain, or a non-steroid medication to reduce inflammation.

We also offer many alternative methods of pain control to include nutritional substances, herbal remedies and homeopathics. We work closely with Fit For A Dog rehabilitation center for patients with musculoskeletal problems where exercise and cold laser therapy is very important in recovery. Our hospital also works with facilities offering chiropractic and acupuncture for those patients needing alleviation of pain.

Whether a pet is recovering from surgery, an illness, an injury, or is suffering from chronic pain, the veterinarians at the Ardmore Animal Hospital are available to help with pet pain management. Pet owners in Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, and Haverford, or the nearby cities including Narbeth, Radnor, and Wynnewood should contact the animal hospital with any questions about pet pain management, veterinary services, or to schedule an exam.