House Calls

We listened to your requests, and we are now offering House Call services!


We realize how stressful coming to see us at the hospital can be for many of our patients and do not want that to interfere with their health and medical care.

For your convenience, we have listed some house call Q&A’s:

What types of visits do you offer?
We will be servicing established patients who have been seen at our hospital within the past 2 years. At this time, we will provide “Wellness visits” only, to include annual and bi-annual exams, vaccines, bloodwork, and other routine care. Due to medical restrictions, we ask that our sick patients continue coming to the hospital for their visits.


How can I schedule my house call visit?
Our staff will be doing morning visits once a week on Mondays and Wednesdays to start. Our Client Service Representative will gladly schedule your appointment. Call us at 610-642-1160. Please call the office at least one week in advance of requested visit. 

Do I need to do anything at home to prepare for visit?
Schedule your appointment on a day that you are not restricted by time. Our staff will strive to get to your house promptly, but may also have to deal with traffic patterns, and other unforeseen delays.

All patients must be available to doctor upon arrival. Please ensure your pet, especially our feline patients, are kept in a small, enclosed room for easy access. Also closing all other doors in house will prevent “under bed” escape options!

We will ask that you complete our online “pre exam” form. For a cat, please click here. For a dog, please click here. This form is a valuable asset in preparing us for your visit.

How far will you travel for a visit?
We will travel within a 5-mile radius from the hospital.

Can I schedule a house call for more than one pet?
Absolutely, as long as we know how many pets to expect at the time of scheduling.

Does a house call cost extra and when do I pay for the services?
Yes, the house call visit and exam will cost extra; however all other costs are the same as in hospital. The house call staff will provide a treatment plan, and final billing will be done after the visit. We will then call you for credit card payment over the phone the same day.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your pet’s house call, please call us at 610-642-1160 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!