Hi! My name is Sid Vicious and I’m here to shine some light on Black Cat Appreciation Day. I live at home with my mom, dad and baby brother (all human). I also have one crazy looking dog sister. My name comes from a popular English punk band called the Sex Pistols. My dad says he knew I was a punk from the start! Thanks Dad! I’m just your average five year old black cat. I sleep most of my day away and I love cat nip. My mom brought me home from the Ardmore Animal Hospital when I was about five months old. I showed up on a fellow employees front porch and wouldn’t leave. She had a great setup! I know what you’re going to ask. Is my mom a witch? No. And, my dad isn’t a warlock. My baby brother is questionable, but hey!

There’s a lot of hype about us black cats being bad luck, but we’re not! We’re actually considered good luck in several countries. We’re also a sailors best friend. Those guys like to keep us on their vessels with hopes we’ll get them home safely. And, eat the mice. Yum! Two birds, one stone. Birds are tasty too… I better stop before I get hungry! Over in Japan they believe we bring good luck to single women. If I lived with a single lady, it is believed that I’d bring her many suitors. Perhaps even make them fall head over heels in love! Those are really high expectations for a guy like me. I know one thing is for sure. I’d never mess up a little black dress before a date!

All the rumors about us being a witches companion started some time back in the Middle Ages, where they thought us to be associated with sorcery and evil omens. Harsh, if you ask me. My mom calls me rude at times, but never evil. The Pilgrims thought we were part demon and anyone found showing us a little love, was punished or even killed! Now, that’s not to say I wouldn’t hang out with a witch who had a belly rub and a meal to offer, but the whole spell casting gig isn’t really my thing. It was also thought that we were the witch in disguise. Like a vampire who can fly away into the night in the form of a bat? Come on Pilgrims. Because of these rumors and outrageous superstitions, people would kill us, thinking they were solving the “witch situation”. Those myths earned us longer stays at shelters across America. My mom tells me most people are coming around to the idea of owning one of me, because we obviously aren’t evil creatures from the underworld, but thanks to all those stories we seem to be less likely to get adopted. We all need love!

There are a lot of us out there in the world! About twenty two breeds of felines can come in a black coat. We also have mostly golden colored eyes thanks to the melanin pigment in us. My mom loves my golden eyes! The Bombay breed is exclusively black. Other breeds that can come with my beautiful panther-like coat are the Norwegian Forest Cat, Japanese Bobtails and Scottish Folds. And, of course, the ever so awesome Domestic Shorthair! The genetic mutation that gives us our silky black coat is also in the same family of genes that helps you humans be more resistant to serious diseases like HIV. For this, we may live longer, healthier lives. That’s our only magical power, I swear!

So let’s recap!

  1. I’m good luck – Not bad luck.
  2. My mom is not a witch and neither am I.
  3. Lots of breeds come in black.
  4. I’ll never ruin your little black dress.
  5. I may be healthier than the average tabby.
  6. We need homes just like the rest.
  7. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but only because I look dashing dressed up.
  8. You should celebrate us every day, but especially today!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, all!

Sid Vicious Myers