By Gertie Lombardo

Hey there! Happy International Chihuahua Appreciation Day! Allow me to introduce myself: My name Is Gertie and my mom works at the front desk at Ardmore Animal Hospital. Perhaps you remember seeing me. Sometimes my brother Chimi and I get to come to work with my mom!

So, here’s the scoop: I am a Chihuahua. We are the smallest breed in the dog world and we were bred specifically for companionship. I am really good at being my mom’s companion. I follow her everywhere she goes like it’s my job. Whether it’s on the couch or lying in bed at night, you can usually find me right next to her. I absolutely MUST be touching her or I can’t sleep. Chihuahuas are a very loyal and form strong bonds with our family but we tend to single out one specific person and really attach ourselves to them. Did you know that our loyalty runs so deep that sometimes if our owner passes away, we could die of a broken heart!

Chihuahuas are from the Mexican State of Chihuahua. We are thought to be the descendants of the ancient Techichi dog. Because we are “desert dogs”, we tend to not like rain and cold weather. Winter is hard for my brother and me because we don’t like to go outside to do our “business”. Our mom and dad sometimes come home to “accidents” in the house. Chihuahuas are notorious for being hard to house train, but we have the largest brain in relation to our body than any other breed, so I don’t think that’s true… we just know that we don’t like going out when the weather is less than ideal!

Some fun facts about Chihuahuas include the following: We live to be 14-18 years old, so be prepared for a long term relationship if you adopt one. We are a generally healthy breed but we can be prone to heart conditions and luxating patellas; this condition is where the knee cap dislocates itself from its normal position. I actually had surgery to correct my knee. It was painful and I had a long recovery, but I am now in tip top shape and I can run with the best of them. Which reminds me; Chihuahuas don’t need much exercise so we make great apartment pets! Chimi and I rarely go for walks because our little legs get tired real fast.

Chihuahuas have a quirky and eccentric personality. Some of us are pretty social and others tend to be less than thrilled with the prospect of communicating with anyone. This is actually genetic- the temperament of a Chihuahua is largely based on the temperament of the dog’s parents and grandparents. Personally, I am not fond of other dogs right off the bat, but after I growl a few times at them and they seem cool with it, then I’m cool with them. My best friend is my older brother Chimi. He’s part Chihuahua and part terrier of some sort. We keep each other company, we snuggle, and we love getting into trouble together!

Thank you for letting me tell you a little about my breed. We are often misunderstood, but once you get to know a Chihuahua, you will find us to be one of the most devoted and funny little breeds you’ll ever meet.